URGENT: Susan Sheehan, Caroline Barton and their Entire Team Are Here to Help!

This is NOT Just COACHING...


Coronavirus is disrupting businesses, lives and your future. Susan Sheehan and Caroline Barton have made the executive decision to spend half their time doing some emergency coaching with a few select clients. Not only will they be doing coaching, they will actually do the work with you to come up with marketing ideas, managing strategy, implementation and so much more.

This has never been done and will never be done again, so use this opportunity to not only survive
through this time but watch when things turnaround, you will be at the forefront of success!

So, which option is the perfect fit for you?



Susan and Caroline Do it For You! 

It doesn't matter what you need, where you are at in your business or what industry you're in, Susan and Caroline will come up with a plan and then actually do the work for you, LIVE on the call.


ACCOUNTABILITY Coaching with Susan, Caroline and their team of Coaches

Don't need something done for you but need some advice, like-minded people to connect with regularly, innovative ideas and/or solutions to problems?

8 hours
(broken up as needed)

Normally $5,000-10,000
Today $1,499.00

Weekly (weekly calls through coronavirus outbreak, then monthly calls)

Normally $997.00
Today $397.00

Susan and Caroline can do
any of the following:

  • Coach you through any problem
  • Do the work for you on the call
  • Redo your brand so you are seen first
  • Rewrite a sales script for your business
  • Write a 30 second pitch
  • Connect you with the right people
  • Come up with a new business strategy
  • Analyze your market potential
  • Create a speaking or webinar presentation
  • Or anything else you need...

They are there for you 100%:

  • Susan and Caroline will be doing weekly live coaching calls. You can ask anything on the call and they will give you their honest feedback, advice, and next steps.
  • These calls will be weekly until the coronavirus panic calms, and then the calls will be once a month for a year.
  • This will also give you access to their private Whatsapp coaching circle.
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So much value in one place!

SMARTCOACH7 has been integral in my business journey and I can honestly say my business wouldn’t be where it is without their guidance and coaching on developing my brand. Both Susan and Caroline lead with the heart and together are a such a powerful pair who bring together their individual strengths, their left/right brain lenses and their absolutely genuine and unfaltering belief in their clients. My meetings with Caroline and Susan always start with me having numerous questions and I always walk away with the answers I need to keep moving forward as well as a big injection of self-confidence. I would recommend SMARTCOACH7 to any and all business owners looking for guidance on how to take things to the next level. 

Jackie Strachan - Human Resources Strategist and CEO of HR Tactics


Amazing advice.

"Caroline and Susan from SMARTCOACH7 are a dynamic duo who know their stuff. I love the fact they genuinely care about my experience and vision and have worked with me to create a Brand that reflects me and what I do. They are constantly looking out for opportunities for me and the best places to position my brand. A wealth of knowledge and experience, expert coaching and a caring nature makes for a productive and profitable experience.." 

Dr Elizabeth Isenring, Professor of Nutrition and Founder of LINC Nutrition