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"Find out WHY you're NOT making the money you want and what you can do about it... with scientifically proven methods to strengthen your mental and emotional skills!" 

Know How to RESET Your BRAIN POWER and Get More CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY... Effortlessly! 






THIS IS IMPORTANT... Because ALL success starts from the inside out (the inner work), you must know how to use your brain power and mind-set if you are ever going to live life on your terms. There is no better time than right now to take control of the future you want to live. Now is the time to seize the opportunity, play a bigger game, live a higher purpose and earn a higher income. 

To achieve WINNING results in life you must master the principle that the first step to success starts with how you think... but its more than that... you need to KNOW how your BRAIN works!

What is 'The Inner Game'? 

Most people underestimate the power of our "inner world" because you can't see it, or touch it. But can you? The results of your inner game are tangible in that what you create in your physical world is directly related to what your inner world sees, feels and thinks about.  

Success first happens on the inside AND is then produced in the outside world. The inner game is the inner-workings of your unconscious brain. It never stops—the thing is, is it working positively with you? It is essential to do the 'inner' rewiring and repatterning work necessary to reprogram the information in your unconscious brain. You can work hard and even struggle for years if you only focus on doing the outer work. If you neglect the importance of the inner work then you can expect to continue to get the results you are getting today, in fact your brain will do everything it can to recreate the results you get unless you DECIDE to change it. 

  • Are you totally fulfilled (be honest now) or are you living a life of medocrity, you know settling for less than what you really want? 
  • Are you bored with your life and know that you have a bigger purpose but you are just not sure of what that looks like?
  • Are you working hard, not getting paid what you're worth and someone else controls your time?
  • Do you feel anxious sometimes and worried about what your future will be? 
  • Do you know you want more but feel stuck in the ridiculous eroneous idea that you are not worthy? (you know that is not true, right?)
  • You are making money but know you could make more, do you want to break through your financial glass ceiling?

  Lack of self-worth and confidence are peoples biggest weaknesses and those who say they are confident are usually the ones that aren't. People with a powerful self-worth and confidence are never satisfied, they are always looking for ways to improve themselves personally and professionally.  

This workshop style event facilitates powerful positive change that starts the process to rewire, repattern, and reprogram your thinking to achieve more personally and professionally.  

UNCLOG YOUR BRAIN and Speed Up Your Progress to Living Your Wealthy Life

We live in a world where we are responsible for our own lives and we know you would have heard, and probably many times..."believe it and you can achieve it"... many people work hard trying to build a better future but never quite succeed. I know that after attending this workshop you'll pick up at least THREE nuggets of knowledge (probably more) that will either reset your focus, fill in some gaps, or just remind you of what you had forgotten about.  

Here is a little of what you can expect;  

  • Get greater CLARITY for a renewed sense of direction and focus (we can't tell you how IMPORTANT this is, in fact it is the KEY) 
  • How to increase your CONFIDENCE and CONVICTION (time to stop not getting real results and see who you really are) 
  • How to improve your personal and professional PRODUCTIVITY and EFFECTIVENESS (stop playing the hope game and start to expect more) 

You will be amazed how simple it really is to TURN OFF YOUR FEAR and get rid, eliminate and STOP self-sabotage!  

Take a moment and answer the following questions and answer with the first thought that comes to mind. This is not a test it is your life...  

  • Want to increase your income 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x? YES!!  
  • Want to turn your biggest weakness into your biggest strengths? YES!  
  • Want to learn a SIMPLE technique to be FEARLESS? YES!  
  • Want to live life according to what is IMPORTANT to you? YES!  
  • Want to perform better in all areas of your life? YES!  
  • Want to look and feel better? YES!  
  • Want better relationships? YES! 
  • Want to have your voice heard? YES1
  • Want to wake every day with a purpose and a passion in your heart? YES!  

The thing is, if you are serious about the above questions then you NEED to put NEW information into your BRAIN and this extraoardinary workshop is going to show you how to get started doing just that.

You are going to learn;

  • How changing your brain’s neural blueprint can improve your results in the same time period  
  • Why syntax is extremely important in increasing your income and results (if you don’t have the right information and apply it in the right order at the right time, I can promise you’ll never achieve the financial or life success you dream of)  
  • The 2 most critical things you must do to make a massive leap in your wealth (skip either of these and you won’t see the financial results you’re after)  
  • The important actions you must know how to do if you want to master the “outer game” of creating wealth (unless you came from a very wealthy family, chances are that you didn’t learn any of these skills)

We are holding this workshop for one reason, to make you more successful. We have a feeling that you may hove done some of the work in the workshop already BUT we also know that this it is going to help you know what information you need to get rid of and what information your brain needs that could change your results immediately.  

Your brain is the GPS for your life, and likened to the GPS on your phone when you put the right information into it then you can pretty much guarantee you will get to where you are going... put in the wrong information and you will surely get lost.  


Your brain has been wired to produce the current results you are getting. The daily behaviours and habits you take or do not take are based on your current subconscious programming. Think of how long you have been programmed the way it is now—and how it could be limiting you from experiencing your true power.  

Is the information in your brain taking you to where you want to go or are you a little lost?  

The intelligence that gives you life knows exactly what you need and want. Trust it right now! Feel the confidence and certainty that comes with the control and power you actually do have within you, this workshop will help you believe and get you started doing it. Imagine feeling smarter, more centered and happier right now.

Want MORE Money, Opportunities, Results and Energy?

ReTrain Your BRAIN and Get WINNING Results

And, here are more reasons to attend this event

You already know whatever YOU CHOOSE to believe directly influences your business and life. What you perceive as real to YOU becomes the reality in your life. Fears, worries, and doubts set off a chain reaction in your brain, slowing down key areas that directly affect your desired goals. These deeply emotional responses are programmed on a genetic level to protect you from harm. Learn how to train your brain the right way and you change your reality and your results forever! 

"A wise person learns from his/her mistakes, a genius learns from others" JT Foxx

What do you think is the difference in how these amazing individuals think.... to how you think? You would be very surprised at what their thoughts are about creating success...  

Dr Phil, day time television host & businessman

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple Computer 

Mark Wahlberg, Actor and Businessman and JT Foxx World's No.1 Wealth & Business Coach & multi-millionaire (Susan's Coach) 

Jessica Simpson, Actor & Business Woman

Brooke Shields, Actor & Business Woman

Lunch in San Diego with John Assaraf. Author/Speaker of the 'Secret' owns Neurogym, and a leader in brain training and mind development (Susan's former Coach)

This is an Event Based on the Science of the BRAIN... the Scientists KNOW it, the Wealthy DO it and this Workshop Will Show You How to Do it! (in a completely non-scientific manner)

Courage is the mastery of fear and it is the spirit that drives your inner passion for living an excellent life. It is a quality that needs to be developed because it guarantees all other qualities.

Every time you ‘win your race’ your brain develops a neural pathway of success

Here's What Others Are Saying

Spending time in Susan's presence is a blessing! I love her perspective and I marveled at how Susan made me feel nurtured and comforted in the back row as she delivered her energy and expertise to a large room full of people. I was left wanting more but also content with what I had discovered. If you have the chance to be in the same room with this amazing woman take it with both hands and enjoy the journey! Wendy Cotton-Antiaging and wellness specialist-Gold Coast 

Sue has been a real inspriation to many women in their quest to improve their life. I have always been hugely impressed with her ability to inspire others. She is an eminently great speaker and she knows what she is talking about. Following Susans advice is one of the best things you can do for your business and self-esteem, and she her time and advice tirelessly with enormous encouragement and enthusiasm. If you feel you need help, then Sue is your girl. Melanie Alfred-Naturopath Brisbane 

Susan Sheehan is an exceptional coach and speaker. What she teaches is so empowering. I am so excited about the future and grateful for the tools and tips Susan has given me to manifest what I truly deserve in my life. Melissa Groom-Empowered Mums and Visibility Coach 

Loved Sue's Brain Training Event, it certainly opened up a new way of thinking for me as well as providing the possibilities and the how and why to achieve and live my best lfe. Sue has a wealth of knowledge to share and her passion shows through in her presentaion which she delivered in both professional and fun environment. Donna Emmerson-Fitness Instructor-Gold Coast

I have had the pleasure of attending Susan 'MORE with the Power of Your Brain' Workshop. Her presentation was most useful in linking our state of mind to business positivity and ultimate success The example she used and the reasoning she gave were precise and a catalyst for personal change Jim Wilson-Director/Principal Wilson Hayes Solicitors-Gold Coas

To say we were delighted would be an understatement. Your professionalism, expertise and ability to engage the audience for the duration of the event, all 5 hours, was extraordinary and certainly exceeded all of our expectations. Your presentation was enlightening and carefully thought out and your final message, beautiful and appropriate Corinne Pettersen-Event Fund Raising Manager-Melbourne 

And, at risk of repeating myself, to achieve WINNING results in life you must master the principle that the first step to success starts with how you think... but its more than that... you need to KNOW how your BRAIN works!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE... excellence is the standard by which you monitor what you do – it does not happen by accident, it comes as a result of quality thinking and intended action.  

To live your wealthy life all activities must be done with the single minded purpose of achieving all goals… and the measurement of success begins with ‘quality thoughts and ends with a stamp of excellence.’ Nothing less!  

To achieve the level of success in your life that will give you real freedom… you must find the courage to do what you have to do… and be committed to achieving ever higher accomplishments both personally and professionally. Do you believe it is all too hard?  

Do you ever ask how do I do it better?  

This workshop is going to show you, that even though it isn't always easy, it is simple to do and you will leave the workshop with a plan to get you started immediately doing it all better.  

Your business will grow, career will soar and your life will change for the better with the conscious intention to succeed and the unconscious belief that you CAN succeed... 

Are you ready to LISTEN, LEARN and LET GO of old information in preparation to living your wealthy life?  




Be Part of The #1 Event to Increase Your PROFITS, PERFORMANCE and PROSPERITY!