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Squash the Super Woman MYTH!


Join Susan Sheehan and her team as she takes you through some simple strategies to reconnect with your dream, heal your personal truth, have you believing you deserve success and trusting yourself. You have our personal guarantee that this seminar has everything you need to get started looking great on the outside and feeling great on the inside! 

REGISTER Today and Immediately DOWNLOAD a Copy of 'Love Your Self(ie) guide' and as an extra bonus 'Plan Your Wealthy Life Blueprint' 

Get a Clear View and Renewed Direction for YOU and Your Life

Get a Simple Plan to Follow that Will Guarantee Results {incl. vision, menopause, purpose, health and wealth}

Get Support and ongoing Guidance from Women that Care and Understand

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  If you know you are more than your past experiences and if you believe you can be more and have more and you just can't put a finger on it... do you feel a little awkward talking about it? 


... then spending a morning with us is just what you need to do... 

What Does Your True Happiness LOOK Like?

GET THE ANSWERS... Be excited, this seminar promises to excite you, inspire you, inform you and answer all your questions about love, living, health, menopause, wealth and happiness over 40, 50, 60...  

HAVE FUN AND WIN STUFF... Even though there is a serious side to the seminar, it will be fun and exciting. Come with an open mind, a loving heart and prepared to design a new plan for yourself  


TRAIN YOUR BRAIN... Find out WHY fear may not be your fault and WHAT you can do to take back control of yourself and your life. (and it only takes 20 seconds of insane courage)  

JEWEL went from homeless to a global success because she discovered the secrets to brain training... REGISTER today and find out what she has to say!

The Truth about the Super Woman Myth

We are witnessing a quickening, a phenomenon where women have the freedom to be happy living on the inside and the outside. LIVE LIFE WITH ZERO EXCUSES!

More than any other time in history, women around the world are finding their voice, discovering their power and making a significant impact on the world. Women are doing extraordinary things and genuinely showing up for each other.  

They are learning to let go and release the power from within, taking the time to own the confusing but beautiful parts of themselves. More women are talking openly about their fears, frustrations and financial hopes but more importantly, they are sharing their wisdom, worthiness and wealth of knowledge to help women around the world be the best they can be. 

This is what this delightful seminar is all about! Women joining hands, the strong laying the way to inspire and encourage woman who need help finding a purpose and the strength to live it. 

This seminar will do one of two things, reconnect you with what you want or get you started working on what you want. You will get a roadmap on how to build your mental, physical, emotional and financial confidence... how to be the best woman you can be, living your best life.  

Susan with Dr Phil... find out what Dr Phil says about the biggest problem to loving self!

Susan with Jessica Simpson... find out how she went from musician to running a multimillion dollar company

Susan with Brooke Shields... find out how Brooke reinvented herself and became a multimillion dollar fashion brand!

What Does Your FREEDOM Look Like?

  • Is it a little fuzzy, scary, confusing, unclear, daunting and do you believe you are worthy of living a wealthy life?  
  • Are you successful in your career or business but still not happy within yourself? 
  • Are you in a relationship that makes you happy but not complete? 
  • Are you single and would like to love and be loved?
  • Do you believe you have a purpose and not sure what that looks like?
  • Do you feel overweight, unhealthy and sick and tired of feeling old and frumpy? 
  • Would you like to perform better in all areas of your life? 
  • Would you like to have more money?  

Here's the thing... you can have what you want, you just need to know what that is and this seminar is going to help you know what that is. For a lot of women freedom is merely a word that has little or no meaning. Our aim is to bring hope and choices to more women everywhere.  

Today, register for the 'Love Your SELF((ie)SEMINAR, unleash your possibilities, live your love and do something that your future self will thank you for because, after all, isn't that what life is all about?

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Susan is an entrepreneur, international speaker and peak performance coach, best selling published author, brain training authority, Mum and managing partner of SMARTCOACH7. She is passionate about empowering Women to be their best self, and whether it be over coffee, in a group or from the stage she will have you feeling important, valued, loved and wanting more of her time. 

Caroline is a business consultant, coach, trainer, teacher, managing partner of SMARTCOACH7, Mum and Grandma. She is passionate about empowering more women to improve their business knowledge and financial results. Her mission is help more women live healthy, wealthy, happy lives. 

We are proud to present... Teresa Ferreira

'GET THE FIRE BACK IN YOUR BELLY' Teresa Ferreira is passionate about coaching and helping women reach their full potential. She has a 25-year career in teaching, coaching and leadership management, she is mother to a beautiful young man on the Autistic Spectrum and is now sharing her message from the stage. Teresa has lived in six countries, been successful in business internationally and is fascinated by different cultures and art. She Lives her life with passion and purpose, always follows her instincts and believes a smile and kindness go a long way.